Rasputin, Sex & Women

Rasputin settled into peasant life, marrying at the age of 20 and having four children. Sometime around 1900 after he had worked his cures in a peasant village, Rasputin converted, according to his daughter, to a religious group known as the Khlysty. The name means “Men of God” and it instructed his followers to: “Keep my laws secret, entrust them neither to your father nor to your mother, be steadfast and silent even under the lash or the flames; thus you will enter the kingdom of Heaven, and even here on earth receive the bliss of the spirit.”


The greatest strength of the Khlysty sect was drawn from its mystery, and this was why its original leaders insisted that the members strictly obeyed the rules of the Orthodox Church. The sect banned sexual intercourse in a marriage blessed by a priest because such a marriage which bound a man to his wife was, in their eyes, the grievous sin against the Holy Spirit.

The priest's blessing was also considered the seal of the Antichrist. If a celebrant was married when entering the sect, he was to abandon his wife and his children were to be known as his "sins." However, other forms of love were permitted by the Khlysty. Participants were allowed to sleep with partners in "spiritual marriages" but no carnal relationships were to occur between them.

According to the Russian secret service the Khlysty believed that sin was a necessary first step towards redemption, and thus sexual excess in the group was rampant. Whether Rasputin joined the Khlysty sect or not, he did come to believe that sin was a necessary part of redemption.

They gathered in crypts, indulging in flagellation, mad dancing and orgiastic sex. Only after sinning could they repent and come closer to God. This mix of religious piety and sexual hedonism, 'driving out sin with sin', was a notion that never left Rasputin. During his participation in “sacred orgies” instead of being exhausted, he seemed to save more energy, and this is the reason that explains his sexual strength. Many people believe, that through his sins (sex) he obtained his holiness, and that he proceeded in initiations that transformed his miraculous “ego”.

From the time he was "seduced" at 14 by some girls near his village, he never ceased to find female partners, although his wife seemed willing to ignore them. His daughter, Maria, however, gave an accounting of hundreds of them, ranging from nobility, actresses and military wives to chambermaids and prostitutes.

Rasputin's Affairs

Peoples View of Rasputin

Though the Czarina wrote flowery love letters to him, he apparently felt it best not to take her to bed. Having proven to Aleksandra his holy powers, Rasputin did not remain just the healer for Alexei; Rasputin soon became the confidante and personal advisor of Aleksandra. To the aristocrats, having a peasant advising the tsarina, who in turn held a great deal of influence over the tsar, was unacceptable. Though Rasputin appeared a pious and saintly holy man in front of the royal couple, others saw him as a dirty, sex-craved peasant who was ruining Russia and the monarchy.

Rasputin's Female Circle

Many women were falling for Rasputin's hypnotic charms. One, Olga Lokhtina, invited him to stay in her home. She became a lifelong devotee, changing from a witty, intelligent socialite into a crazed eccentric. On one occasion Rasputin was observed violently beating her while she held on to his penis, shouting: 'I am your ewe, and you are Christ.' Other women claimed he'd raped them. Rasputin also reputed to have cut locks of hair from the virgins he had sex with. When his house was pulled down in 1977, the authorities unearthed several boxes containing hair buried in the garden.

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